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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Japanese 15 Clone

I got a new machine!  Her badge is missing, see where the two holes on the arm is?  That is where it is supposed to be, therefore I do not know what her badge name is, but she is a Japanese 15 clone.  One of the blogs I follow had a good post about her clones here http://dragonpoodle.blogspot.com/2012/07/herd-singer-15s-and-clones.html  My slide plate flips like hers, and I did not know that the dial for embroidery and silk and normal dropped the feed dogs to accommodate those functions!

This is what my machine looked like at the Antique mall, below.
The tag said it could be used for a yard deco!!!  What a shame that would be!  She was  dirty but I cleaned her up.  I'll have to wait until after I move before I clean her better and convert her to either a treadle or hand crank.  I do not have the time right now and do not want to lose any parts.

You can see that even after cleaning she is still dirty, but I'll take care of that later.  Her serial number is 30417138 Model A-1.  I don't suppose anybody knows what her family name is?  I know it is a long shot for a clone who is a true orphan!  LOL
This is my stitch guide with forward and reverse and I think it is supposed to control my stitch length, but the numbers are not working, yet.
She's still a little dirty.  I need to take the face plate off and clean under there also, she has a long tension, it looks like a nose!  LOL

I can't decide what color she is, my husband says tan, but I was thinking a peachy mauve?  It would be impossible to match up her color so I was thinking of painting white daisies over her chipped and rusted parts.  Of course I am a woman so I can change my mind at any time!  I can't wait to play with her after we move!  Did I mention she was only $18?  yeah!  Now all I need is one of those pretty blue or green ones!

I think it might be a Nelco, but all of the identification is missing, it looks exactly like this machine!  http://stagecoachroadsewing.com/nelco%20ss.html

Here's another picture I found too:

We found a house to rent that actually accepts all of our cats!  It is not great, but just a stopover while we look for a house to buy.  You would not believe how hard it is to find a house to rent that accepts one cat much less eight cats!  We move in 3 1/2 weeks!

The winner of the MyMemories Suite giveaway was Kate!  I've sent her an email to let her know!


This is the code to use to get your $10 off and to give me credit for your purchase.  STMMMS44612
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